About BDS

Who we are

Banyan Data Services (BDS) is a US-based data focused IT company that specializes in comprehensive data solutions and services. It was founded by Nagesh Konduru, a technology veteran from Apple. He spent the last two decades as a pioneer in the database revolution.

We have a unique blend of Top-tier talent, proprietary in-house tools and non-fungible database expertise. Our focus is to transform a business data into a right data model and choose a right database technology. We manage the world-class global 24X7 support model in a most capital efficient manner.

BDS has the data service experts molded into Data Lifecycle Management (DLM), in broad strokes and in detail. BDS supports most of the popular data platforms in IT infrastructure such as databases, cache, streaming, search and big data.

Our founders carry decades of experience in DLM across almost every Relational database, Non-Relational database technology by architecting and developing the radical approach to solve the critical problems in hyper growth business applications.

What drives us


Predict and help data evolution challenges for the next few decades with our passion-built products and services in the data world.

How we help

Help enterprises to realize true operational cost efficiency by architecting the infrastructure and streamline data management processes to provide consistent, reliable and always available data.